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Working with Newport Healthcare

Whether you are a patient, family member, referring professional, or one of our potential healthcare payers, we work with you to ensure that teens and young adults get the treatment they need. At Newport Healthcare, it’s a foundational principle to always do what is right for a patient enrolled in one of our programs, with the ultimate goal of creating benefit for all partners involved in every case. With more than a decade of proven commitment to addressing mental health needs and expanding access to dedicated care in new markets, we offer a full continuum of care that responds to each patient’s individual needs. Our treatment offerings include:

  • Residential Treatment Centers
  • Partial Hospitalization Programs
  • Intensive Outpatient Programs
  • Outpatient Programs
  • Therapeutic Day Schools
  • Telehealth

Newport Academy is the leading teen mental health treatment center, healing underlying mental health issues, such as depression and anxiety, that cause maladaptive behaviors—including substance use disorder, eating disorders, and other trauma-related behavioral concerns.

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Entering the young adult behavioral healthcare market provides Newport Institute with the opportunity to expand treatment services to young people ages 18-28 who are struggling with various mental health issues: trauma, anxiety, depression, and co-occurring disorders, such as eating disorders, substance abuse, and self-harm by promoting autonomy and life skills development.

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The Center for Families serves local families through support groups, clinical therapy, and educational workshops. At the Center for Families, we subvert the stigma and shame associated with mental health struggles by providing our community with compassion and connection.

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A Pioneer in Behavioral Healthcare

As the leader in mental health treatment for adolescents, young adults, and their families, Newport Healthcare is dedicated to setting and exceeding the benchmark for top behavioral healthcare. We leverage a truly integrated approach toward behavioral healthcare treatment for every individual who is referred to us, in order to successfully treat the underlying symptoms that cause maladaptive behaviors.

Know the Facts

By 2030, the global cost of mental healthcare is expected to rise to $6 trillion—greater than the costs of diabetes, respiratory disorders, and cancer combined.

Our Approach

Dedicated to Integrated Care

Newport Healthcare is dedicated to treating the whole person—addressing mental, emotional, spiritual, relational, and educational needs through an integrated treatment model. Diligently working with local providers, Newport Healthcare breaks down silos and ensures a comprehensive approach to treatment, from intake to discharge to aftercare.


Our treatment programs are driven by data and patient outcomes that utilize evidence-based treatment modalities accepted by the industry as premier care. We track the impact of our approach using third-party validation and assessment tools that measure our patients’ depression, anxiety, and well-being before, during, and after treatment. Our outcomes data clearly indicates that our integrated approach to healing is making a significant positive impact on patients and families.

Committed Team

Our team of leading-edge experts drives our innovative healthcare programming, resulting in unparalleled success rates. At Newport Healthcare, we have an in-depth understanding of the myriad factors—genetic, environmental, societal, and generational—that can contribute to or detract from mental health in teens and young adults.

Leading Insurance Companies and Health Plans

Newport Healthcare serves families in need through strong partnerships with insurance health plans. We work with most major healthcare payers to optimize the benefit coverage for families in need. Together, we’re addressing the adolescent and young adult mental health crisis by reaching more families and helping them achieve sustainable recovery.