At Newport Healthcare, we’re dedicated to supporting young people in every aspect of their growth, and we view our relationships with our client’s teachers, school counselors, and administrators as an essential part of that mission. It is our privilege to support you as well as the students and families you refer to us. 

Why Refer to Newport?

When you refer to Newport, you’re referring to a program that addresses the whole person, including a young person’s academic and executive functioning goals; values your insight and involvement; and provides multiple layers of accessibility that optimize access to care for your students and their families.  

As a referring school professional, you’ll be an instrumental part of your client’s support system, and we’ll work together to ensure that your students progress in their education and learning skills while they’re with us. Our academic experts are credentialed and/or licensed by the state, most with Master’s degrees and special education backgrounds, as well as extensive training in social-emotional learning and adherence to IEPs.

Our Relationship with You

We work with school professionals to meet our shared goals of nurturing teens’ love of learning, advancing their progress, and giving them the executive functioning and organizational skills to be more engaged, inspired, and successful when they return to the school environment.  

Ongoing Support and Connection

When you refer to Newport, you connect with an integrated team of experienced and accredited educational, psychiatric, and behavioral health professionals who can serve as a resource for you and your school. As part of our community, you also have access to continuing education courses and virtual and in-person networking events. We can also provide on-campus workshops for teachers, parents, and students at no cost.  

Dedicated Representative

When a student is in residential or outpatient programs with Newport Academy, we collaborate with their teachers and school administrators to conduct a comprehensive academic assessment, and then create a flexible plan that meets the needs of the student, family, and school. You’ll always have a point of contact and consistent communication on your student’s progress as long as there is an appropriate ROI on file. 

Full Continuum of Care

We provide options for each student’s needs, including residential treatment centers and a full suite of outpatient programming. With locations nationwide and new programs continually in development across the country, we are able to quickly get teens and young adults into treatment, and shift them seamlessly between levels of care as needed. 

Excellent Care
That’s Also Affordable

We work with most major insurance companies, both in and out of network, to optimize access to care for families. Insurance companies are much more likely to provide coverage when a program has been vetted and meets the highest standards of care. Newport’s innovative approach and dedication to excellence has been recognized with the Gold Seal of Approval® from the Joint Commission, the nation’s oldest and largest healthcare accrediting body.  

The Newport Healthcare Center for Research and Innovation partners with a third-party academic institution, Drexel University’s Center for Family Intervention Science, to measure and publish our industry-leading outcomes data. In addition to measuring improvements in anxiety, depression, and well-being, we use a proprietary scale to gauge students’ academic progress, which consistently shows significant gains in motivation, engagement, and organizational skills. 

Downloadable Resources

Learn more about Newport’s approach and help families better understand the treatment landscape.

Building a Foundation for Your Students’ Success

Entering treatment doesn’t have to interrupt students’ academic progress. At Newport, we collaborate with schools to ensure that young people continue to reach their academic goals during their time with us.

While supporting teens and their families on the path to healing, we set students up for success once they leave treatment, with the self-regulation skills, academic abilities, and self-confidence to launch into adulthood and a bright future.  

Seeing that lightbulb go on for the kids is what our teachers live for. There is nothing like seeing these kids grow and recognize their own personal potential.

—Ryan Fedoroff, M.Ed
Vice President, Learning and Development, Newport Healthcare

of Newport’s referring providers would refer to us again, based on current referent surveys.