Newport Healthcare’s Programs

As the parent company of two of the preeminent mental health programs in the United States, Newport Healthcare’s behavioral healthcare services are dedicated to treating teens, young adults, and families who are struggling with depression, anxiety, and trauma-related issues. As a primary mental health treatment program, we also work with young people who have co-occurring issues, such as eating disorders and substance use disorders, as well as issues with social media and other technology-related addictions.

Newport Academy is the leading teen mental health treatment center, healing underlying mental health issues such as depression and anxiety that cause maladaptive behaviors such as substance use disorder, disordered eating, and other trauma-related behavioral concerns.

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Newport Institute is a series of healing behavioral healthcare services for young people ages 18–27 who are struggling with various mental health issues: trauma, anxiety, depression, and co-occurring disorders, such as eating disorders, substance abuse, and self-harm.

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The Center for Families provides guidance, awareness, and education for families around mental health and substance abuse struggles in local communities. We lead families to healing through support groups, clinical therapy, and educational workshops.

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Our teens, young adults, and families don’t come to us to get a prescribed modality or standardized behavioral healthcare services. They come to us for healing, and it’s our job to figure out the best mental health services for their unique needs, so they can move forward into their lives with greater health, happiness, and hope.

Jamison Monroe
Founder & Executive Chairman of Newport Healthcare

Jamison Monroe Chairman | Newport Healthcare

Newport Healthcare Gives Back

Donating to Our Communities

As part of our corporate social responsibility efforts Newport Healthcare has donated millions in free unfunded care. We also fund initiatives aligned with our education and youth workforce development strategies in local communities.

Partnering with Our Communities

Newport Healthcare maintains active partnerships including with Botvin LifeSkills, a highly interactive skills-based program designed to promote health and personal development of youth.

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Newport’s Clinical Model

We are dedicated to mental health care that provides lasting care for our clients. To that end, we work with a third party to rigorously collect and analyze client progress, informing our tailored treatment plans for all who come through our door.

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Accreditation, Licensing, & Affiliations

Our innovative approach to mental healthcare earns accolades from press around the world, but it is our dedication to our client success that has helped our Newport Academy and Newport Institute programs achieve accreditation from The Joint Commission, exceed licensing standards of care, and nurture affiliations with the following: