At Newport Healthcare, we honor our partnerships with referring care providers. We recognize that this relationship is vital in supporting teens and young adults to find sustainable recovery and lead happy, healthy lives.

Mental Healthcare Providers

When you refer to Newport, you’re referring to a program that addresses the whole person through state-of-the-art modalities, communicates with you as a valued member of the treatment team, and provides multiple layers of accessibility that optimize access to care for young people and families. Find out how we do this.

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School Professionals

Teachers, school administrators and counselors, and college counseling staff are often the first to recognize a student’s need for a higher level of care. Learn how Newport supports students and families with referrals and works closely with schools to ensure students’ progress in their education while they are with us.

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Pediatricians &
Other Medical Providers

When you refer your adolescent or young adult patients to us, we’ll involve you in our integrated treatment approach and consistently update you on patient progress. Newport also provides CME trainings to support medical providers, who are on the front lines of today’s youth mental health crisis. Learn more about how Newport supports you.

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Research shows that close to half of US employees are struggling at work due to their child’s mental health. Learn how Newport supports HR departments and EAP administrators to guide parents or employees in crisis to treatment and resources that provide sustainable recovery.

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A Nationwide System:
Providing Excellent Care That Is Accessible and Affordable to Families

Newport Healthcare’s Reach

Newport Healthcare serves families in need through strong partnerships with insurance health plans. We promote collaborative relationships with all healthcare payers to optimize the benefit coverage for families in need. Together, we’re addressing the adolescent and young adult mental health crisis by reaching more families and helping them achieve sustainable recovery.

Leading Insurance Health Plans We Work With

Real Data-Backed Results

Our commitment to providing evidence-based and empirically supported care goes hand in hand with our dedication to collecting, analyzing, and publicizing data on our outcomes. Collected and analyzed using both industry-standard and proprietary measures, our research shows statistically significant improvements in levels of depression, anxiety, and overall well-being.

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Get to Know Our Programs

Ages 12–18

Newport Academy is the leading teen mental health treatment center, healing underlying mental health issues, such as depression and anxiety, that cause maladaptive behaviors—including substance use disorder, eating disorders, and other trauma-related behavioral concerns.

Ages 18–28

Newport Institute treats young people ages 18–28 who are struggling with trauma, anxiety, depression, and co-occurring disorders, such as eating disorders, substance abuse, and self-harm. Our specialized care for this age group supports autonomy, thriving, and life skills.

Continuing Education

Newport Healthcare is dedicated to providing ongoing professional development opportunities through in-depth certificate programs, interactive workshops, CE classes, and more. Our ultimate goal is to support mental health professionals in the essential work of guiding young people to a better future.

Presented both online and in person, these interactive workshops and trainings cover the most pressing topics in the industry, from adolescent attachment issues and trauma in school communities to the necessity of fostering cultural safety within therapeutic relationships