Our National Clinical Outreach team is standing by to help teens, young adults, and families find the treatment option that’s best for them, whether that’s at one of our own programs or somewhere else within a trusted network we have vetted. Our Clinical Outreach Specialists serve as trusted guides and advocates, dedicated to providing the support and information that helps families take action and get young people into treatment.

How Our Clinical Outreach Specialists Support Providers and Families

Starting with just one phone call, here’s how your Clinical Outreach Specialist can support you and the young people and families you work with, at no charge: 

Finding the Right Treatment Option

  • Help identify mental health resources for adolescents and young adults 
  • Discuss the appropriate level of care for the specific case  

Ongoing Assistance

  • Assist with treatment placement and admissions for ages 12–28  
  • Provide support in navigating the process of insurance verification 
  • Serve as a resource for parents and caregivers who come to you for help and information

Support for Step-Down After Treatment

  • Assist with discharge planning from residential treatment
  • Provide referrals for outpatient programs in your area when appropriate 

The Experts in Your Region

Clinical Outreach Specialists are the experts on Newport’s approach and programming, and also the experts for all behavioral healthcare resources in their geographic area. If Newport’s services aren’t the right fit for the case at hand, your Clinical Outreach Specialist (COS) will offer other vetted options for all levels of care and acuity.

Should Newport be the right fit for the client, the COS collaborates with clients’ treatment teams to provide comprehensive care coordination, and acts as a liaison to bolster the treatment experience and outcomes for clients and their families. The COS role also includes building and deepening relationships with referring professionals.

Kimberly Storey, Vice President of Clinical Outreach

Kim is passionate about her work building a team of trusted guides and advocates, dedicated to helping parents, clinicians, doctors, employers, and school professionals get the support and information they need in order to take action and get young people into treatment. Her 22-year career in healthcare has included field and leadership roles in pharmaceutical sales, referral-based account management, and clinical sales team management. Kim brings multidimensional experience, a tireless work ethic, and an ability to create strategic partnerships, lead change initiatives, and develop high-performing professionals.

Our goal is to become a resource for connection and education, a torch in the darkness, and a navigator through the sometimes confusing landscape of the behavioral health industry. We are here to listen, ask questions, respond to your needs, and leave you and the families you serve with practical next steps to take and with a sense of relief and hope.

—Kimberly Storey

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A Closer Look at Newport’s Integrated, Evidence-Based Treatment

Excellent Care That’s Also Affordable

We work with most major insurance companies, both in and out of network, to optimize access to care for families. Insurance companies are much more likely to provide coverage when a program has been vetted and meets the highest standards of care. Newport’s innovative approach and dedication to excellence has been recognized with the Gold Seal of Approval® from the Joint Commission, the nation’s oldest and largest healthcare accrediting body. Newport meets the Joint Commission’s rigorous performance guidelines for safety and quality across all individual programs.

The Newport Healthcare Center for Research and Innovation partners with a third-party academic institution, Drexel University’s Center for Family Intervention Science, to measure and publish our outcomes data, which consistently validates the success of our treatment. Despite the severity of the challenges young people face and the increasing acuity of their diagnoses, Newport’s treatment continues to yield significant improvements in depression, anxiety, and well-being.

Downloadable Resources

Learn more about Newport’s approach and help families better understand the treatment landscape.

Building a Foundation for Client Success

We know you have many options when considering where to refer your clients. When we invite you to refer to us, it’s because we truly believe that Newport provides the most effective, compassionate, and clinically sound treatment available. Our approach heals the underlying trauma and attachment wounds that catalyze mental health and co-occurring disorders, leading to sustainable, long-term recovery.

We know this not just from our outcomes data, but also because we see firsthand, every day, how young people change and grow during their time with us, building resilience, healthy coping tools, and new sense of purpose and meaning.

It’s incredibly rewarding to be able to help families in crisis, support professionals in getting the resources they need, and bring hope into our communities.

—Kellie Kucinski, LSW
Senior Director of Clinical Outreach, Northeast region

of Newport’s referring providers would refer to us again, based on current referent surveys.