Our Clinical Outreach Team
Hand in Hand

At Newport Healthcare, we honor our partnership with referring care providers. We recognize that this relationship is vital in supporting teens and young adults to find sustainable recovery and lead happy, healthy lives.

Our team works hand in hand with behavioral health professionals so that teens, young adults, and families who come to us—whether they’re struggling with depression, anxiety, eating disorders, trauma, substance abuse, or another mental health diagnosis—experience an easy and supported process. The outreach team treats each case as unique and individual, and gives every client the customized care that’s essential for successful treatment and sustainable outcomes.

Teen Physician Referral

Newport Academy provides gender-specific treatment programs that allow teen boys and girls to build strong relationships with peers and mentors they can relate to and trust. All individuals receive tailored treatment developed and delivered by expert clinical and experiential therapists, as well as individualized education in an environment free from distraction and the ability to share more sensitive issues.

Our programming allows both teen boys and girls to claim their voice, accept constructive feedback, and develop self-esteem, without the pressure found in mixed-gender environments.

Equine Therapy | Newport Healthcare

Ropes Course | Newport Healthcare

Young Adult Physician Referral

Similar to our Newport Academy programming, Newport Institute offers gender-specific residential programs for young adults, allowing young men and women to focus on aspects of their recovery that might be difficult to discuss in mixed-gender settings.

This nurturing experience creates a space for compassion, trust, and camaraderie. We foster an environment where young adults can express themselves, discover their creative passions, and identify their next steps as they progress towards independent life.

How Newport Healthcare Is Different for Referring Professionals

1-on-1 Relationships

Newport Healthcare is an integrated care provider committed to treating every client as an individual with unique needs. We speak one-on-one with professionals about specific program details so they can better understand our tailored approach.

Referring Professionals Are a Priority

Because the professional referent has created a therapeutic relationship with the young person getting a referral to treatment, we make sure to include the referring healthcare professional in the admissions process from the very first call.

Specialized Care & Tailored Treatment Plans

We want to ensure that every client feels prepared to begin their healing journey from day one. The referring physician or healthcare professional can set up a call with our Admissions team, or the individual being referred may speak to one of our outreach professionals.

Ongoing Updates

If a release of information is signed when a client enters Newport Academy or Newport Institute, we can provide ongoing updates to the referring healthcare professional during the application process. During treatment, the referring professional will receive weekly updates, either by phone or email.

Community Resources

We offer options for community resources for the family members of the individual referred to Newport Healthcare. This way, the family can better navigate the process of supporting the teen or young person during and after treatment.


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