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Newport Healthcare Kicks Off New Year Celebrating Growth with Purpose

Newport Healthcare, a national network of evidence-based treatment programs for teens and young adults with mental health disorders, is kicking off the new year by celebrating recent milestones that will improve mental health treatment and access to care across the nation. Nearly half of American teenagers ages 13-18 have a mental health disorder according to the National…

Experts & Thought Leaders on Young Adult Development

Newport Healthcare’s leadership team with more than 500 years of Clinical and Therapeutic expertise has been featured by many of the most respected press outlets around the world. We are proud to share our expertise and success stories on timely topics affecting teens, young adults and families today.

Jamison Monroe TED Talk

Jamison Monroe Jr., Founder of Newport Healthcare, gives a TEDx Talk on education. Jamison is passionate about kids and about getting them the education they need—whether that means finding a way for them to go to school after war or a natural disaster, or supporting them within an educational environment that’s committed to helping students maintain sobriety. In this video, he shares his personal story of drug use and recovery as an illustration of how high-pressure academic institutions can promote substance abuse. He also relates inspiring stories of how education activists have made a difference for kids around the world.