A Visionary Team Providing
Wisdom, Insight, and Experience

Our medical doctors, psychiatrists, psychologists, therapists, counselors, experiential practitioners, and other experts have been featured in numerous publications and programs, including NBC Nightly News, the Today Show, Oprah Daily, the Wall Street Journal, Parents, CNN, US News & World Report, Forbes, and many others.

Our team of experts is dedicated to providing quality mental healthcare to teens, young adults, and families; reducing stigma around mental health conditions and treatment; and setting the standard of care in the behavioral health field. With decades of experience in the field, they bring wisdom and knowledge to their interpretation of new research and trends around adolescent and young adult mental health.

As vocal mental health advocates for adolescents, young adults, and families, our healthcare leadership is focused not only on the future of Newport Healthcare, but also on the future of today’s young people.

Our Clinical and Medical Experts

Barbara Nosal, PhD, LMFT, LADC

Chief Clinical Officer

Barbara Nosal, PhD, has worked with teens, young adults, and families in the field of mental health, depression, and addiction treatment for more than 20 years. She developed and oversees the clinical and family programs for Newport Healthcare’s treatment programs. Dr. Nosal holds a Doctorate in Transpersonal Psychology and a master’s degree in Counseling Psychology from the Institute of Transpersonal Psychology, in Palo Alto, California. Also a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist and Licensed Advanced Alcohol and Drug Counselor, she specializes in family systems, including restructuring family dynamics and healing childhood trauma.

Kristin Wilson, MA, LPC, CCTP

Chief Experience Officer

Kristin Wilson has been working in the treatment field since 1997. During the past 20 years, her leadership roles have included clinical supervisor, executive director, and clinical outreach representative, as well as senior regional director of marketing for a major behavioral health network. Kristin is a licensed clinician who has worked in a variety of mental health treatment settings, including inpatient, residential, and outpatient levels of care for chemical dependence, process addictions, and eating disorders. She holds a Master’s degree in psychology and Creative Arts Therapies, is a Certified Clinical Trauma Professional and a certified yoga teacher.

Danielle Roeske, PsyD

Vice President, Operations, Residential Services

Dr. Danielle Roeske has worked in the mental health treatment field since 2003, as a CEO, clinical director, program developer, family program director, therapist, and supervisor. Her experience spans acute psychiatric care, outpatient community therapy, and residential mental health and substance abuse treatment. Danielle holds a Master’s in Counseling and Human Relations from Villanova University and a doctorate in clinical psychology from the California Institute of Integral Studies. Her accomplishments include the creation of an intensive family program for a longstanding treatment center. Early in her career, Danielle worked as a literary consultant and chemical dependency expert for the FDA.

Ryan Fedoroff, M.Ed

Vice President, Learning and Development

Ryan Fedoroff brings more than 15 years of academic leadership and classroom experience to her role at Newport Academy. As an educator, she is passionate about working with high-risk adolescents and is trained in restorative practices. Ryan has also worked with the Marin County (California) Youth Court and is a member of various community organizations working to combat youth substance abuse.

In her current role and in her previous role as Newport’s National Director of Education, Ryan works alongside clinicians to create interventions to assist students dealing with anxiety, depression, and other mental health issues. She also collaborates with special education teams to create protocols for managing classroom challenges for students dealing with auditory processing and executive functioning deficits.

Michael Roeske, PsyD

Senior Director, Newport Healthcare Center for Research and Innovation

Michael Roeske, PsyD, is a licensed clinical psychologist who has worked and studied in a variety of treatment settings, including adult substance use disorder and adolescent mental health programs, community-based psychological services, and inpatient psychiatric hospitals.  He was also trained as a full battery assessor of children to older adults and has functioned as a supervisor, clinical director, educator, presenter, and operator. Dr. Roeske's work with the Center aims to establish Newport Healthcare as a leader and innovator in adolescent and young adult residential care, research, and program development.

Don Grant, MA, MFA, DAC, SUDCC IV, PhD

National Advisor of Healthy Device Management

Dr. Grant is an internationally recognized and award-winning media psychologist, author, published researcher, Doctoral Addictions Counselor, and educator with specific expertise in technology’s impact on mental health. He was the 2022 President of the American Psychological Association, Division 46 (The Society for Media Psychology & Technology), currently chairs the APA (Division 46) “Device Management & Intelligence” committee, co-chairs the APA (Division 46) “Strategic Planning” committee, is an APA Advocacy Division Partner Liaison, and serves as Secretary of the California Psychological Association Division VI (Media Technology and Communication). He designs, presents, and facilitates Healthy Device Management and Good Digital Citizenship treatment strategy and educational training workshops for clinicians, educators, parents, and academic communities. Dr. Grant is a globally respected keynote speaker, podcast and onscreen interview guest, and print content contributor in the field of device-related behaviors, addiction, and media psychology.

Samantha Quigneaux, LMFT

National Director of Family Therapy Services

Samantha is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist and has been working from a family systems perspective throughout her career. As Newport's National Director of Family Therapy Services, she oversees all family programming, which utilizes Attachment-Based Family Therapy to provide support and psychoeducation to families throughout the treatment process. Samantha has extensive experience working with adolescents and adults who have experienced trauma, including sexual and physical abuse. She also has expertise working with the LGBTQ community and issues related to gender and sexuality. Samantha believes that a necessary step in the healing and recovery process is a strong and genuine therapeutic connection that creates safety and allows for growth.

Michel Mennesson, MD


Dr. Michel Mennesson is board-certified in general psychiatry and Child and Adolescent Psychiatry, with an added qualification in Addiction Psychiatry. He trained as a pediatrician and internist before entering the field of psychiatry, and completed his residency at Yale University. Dr. Michel draws from a variety of therapeutic approaches, as well as mindfulness principles, to find new and creative solutions to support successful treatment outcomes. He was the recipient of the Best Teacher Award during his tenure at the University of Connecticut Department of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry. Originally from France, Dr. Michel is a longtime practitioner of yoga and meditation.

Mirela Loftus, MD, PhD

Medical Director

Dr. Loftus began her career in research, and her desire to make an impact on young people during this critical stage of development led her into direct care, working with children, teens, and families. She earned her medical degree at one of the most acclaimed medical schools in Romania, and received her PhD from the University of California, Davis. An advocate for children’s mental health, she has testified at the Capitol on numerous occasions in her role as the president of the Connecticut Council of Child and Adolescent Psychiatrists. Dr. Loftus also served as an assistant professor in the University of Connecticut School of Medicine’s Department of Psychiatry. She previously served as Medical Director at Hartford HealthCare’s Institute of Living, researching the efficacy of experimental depression and suicidal ideation treatments.

Karla Molinero, MD

Medical Director

Dr. Molinero is a triple board-certified adult, child, and adolescent addiction psychiatrist. She was trained at the University of Rochester for General Psychiatry, Yale Child Study Center for Child Psychiatry, and the University of Colorado for Addiction Psychiatry, and has experience utilizing multiple evidence-based modalities. Dr. Molinero’s research focuses on adolescent cannabis use and mental health outcomes, as well as the impact of cannabis use on ADHD. Her philosophy of therapeutic psychiatry takes a holistic view of patients and their family systems, with the understanding that connection with self and others is essential in recovering from mental health disorders, substance use disorders, and addictive behaviors.

David Laxton, LPC, MEd

Executive Director

David Laxton, Executive Director of Newport’s treatment program in Kirkland, Washington, most recently worked in private practice providing mental health and substance use counseling to adolescent clients. He also provided counseling and evaluations for clients at The Recovery Center of Baton Rouge, Louisiana, an IOP for professionals (doctors, lawyers, etc.) with co-occurring issues, and Our Lady of the Lake. David was also the clinic director of Baton Rouge Treatment Center, managing day-to-day operations and supervision; and the Director of Outpatient and Family Services for St. Christopher’s Addiction Wellness, a long-term residential treatment center for males with co-occurring disorders.

Leigh McInnis, LPC

Executive Director

Leigh McInnis supports team cohesion at Newport Healthcare, including the management and training of clinical staff and the facilitation of seamless collaboration among departments. She has worked in a variety of public mental health arenas, including nonprofit crisis prevention and response for adults, intensive in-home care for children and adolescents, and residential treatment facilities. In 2016, Leigh developed the clinical milieu for a non-suicidal self-injury unit in a Virginia residential treatment facility. She holds a Master’s in Community Counseling from Marymount University.

Matthew Nonoshita, CTE, CADC-II, RAS-II

Executive Director

Matthew has played an integral role in the initial and reaccreditation of multiple facilities according to Joint Commission standards of care. He has built and and supervised clinical, utilization, and administrative teams, increasing bed count and profit margin while decreasing operations costs. Matthew’s experience in crafting young adult programs, his personal recovery experience, and the diversity of his service gives him a broad understanding and multifaceted perspective on the treatment field.

Matthew has held leadership positions at a number of companies, including CEO of Premier Health Group in Newport Beach, California; Executive Program Director for Beachside Behavioral Health in Fountain Valley, California; and Program Director at Balboa Horizons in Costa Mesa, California, among others. During his early career, he served as a substance abuse counselor at Oasis Treatment Center in Anaheim. Matthew holds numerous executive and clinical certifications.

Olivia Lynch, MS, LPC

EMDR Program Training and Development Manager

Olivia Lynch brings more than 15 years of experience in the treatment field to her role with Newport, as well as a deep dedication to supporting young people and their families. Olivia is an EMDR Certified Therapist, an EMDR Facilitator trained through the Institute for Creative Mindfulness, and an EMDR Consultant approved by the EMDR International Association (EMDRIA). She is also trained in Trauma-Focused Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Somatic Processing, and Attachment-Based Family Therapy. Prior to joining the Newport team, she spent more than eight years as a clinician with Family and Children’s Aid in Connecticut.

Jennifer Dragonette, PsyD

Clinical Services Instructor

Jennifer Dragonette spearheaded the establishment of Newport Academy’s Northern California program, where she continues to serve as Executive Director. Her experience in the field includes clinical and leadership roles for Kaiser Permanente Santa Rosa’s Chemical Dependency Services and for Petaluma Health Center, where she was the Director of Behavioral Health. Dr. Dragonette also developed curriculum for a program to support parents and children in the aftermath of the Petaluma wildfires in 2017. She holds a doctorate in clinical psychology and served as a federal investigator for the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission before transitioning in to the treatment field.

Rachel Fortune, MD, FAAP

Consulting Physician and Eating Disorder Specialist

Dr. Fortune is an expert in the treatment of eating disorders, menstrual irregularities, and mental health disorders, as well as Adolescent Medicine. After completion of her fellowship at the Children’s Hospital Colorado in Denver, Colorado, Dr. Fortune spent two years caring for adolescent patients at Yale University School of Medicine/Yale New Haven Hospital. She served as National Medical Director for Newport Healthcare from 2014 to 2017. Rachel has been featured on the topic of eating disorders for numerous national publications, including the Wall Street Journal.

Heather Hagen

Executive Director of Clinical Outpatient Services

Heather Hagen specializes in family therapy and substance use disorder treatment, and has worked extensively with young people facing behavioral issues, addiction, and eating disorders. She holds a master’s degree in Psychology/Marriage and Family Therapy from Chapman University, as well as two bachelor’s degrees, in psychology and social work. In her role at Newport, Heather oversees all areas of the clinical outpatient programming, including expansion, fidelity to the model, and maintaining overall excellence. She has been featured as an expert in national publications including Parade, Prevention, and Shape magazines, and most recently in the VeryWell Mind article "What It Means to Feel 'Angsty' and How to Cope."

Ian Parker, LCSW

Clinical Director

Ian holds a Master’s in social work from the University of Connecticut, West Hartford, and has extensive experience working with adolescent populations in a variety of settings, including hospitals, residential settings, and community mental health programs. He joined the Newport team in 2016 as a Primary Therapist before advancing to the Associate Clinical Director and then Clinical Director roles in our Connecticut adolescent programs. Ian has served as an expert source for publications including Parade magazine.

Kristen Riha, MA, LMFT

Clinical Director

Kristen serves as Clinical Director for Newport Institute, Newport Healthcare's treatment program for young adults ages 18–32. Kristen’s role at Newport focuses on ensuring the quality and continuing evolution of our industry-leading clinical model. She joined the Newport team in 2019 and brings a background in direct management and supervision of residential, partial hospitalization, and intensive outpatient programs. A Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, Kristen specializes in treating addiction disorders, interpersonal issues, and trauma. She holds a Master's in Counseling Psychology from Santa Clara University and is trained in modalities including Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Dialectical Behavior Therapy, EMDR, and Attachment-Based Family Therapy.

Spencer MacDonald

Clinical Director

Spencer MacDonald holds a Master’s in Counseling Psychology from California State University, Fullerton, and has extensive experience working with children, adolescents, and families. His therapeutic approach integrates psychodynamic and family systems approaches, in addition to Motivational Interviewing and cognitive-behavioral techniques. Spencer joined the Newport Academy Team in 2015 and served as Associate Director of Clinical Operation before moving into his current role.

Nicole Renée Matthews

Director of Yoga

Nicole is certified in Ashtanga Vinyasa, trauma-informed yoga, and Somatic Experiencing, and also holds an Institute of Integrative Nutrition Health Coach Certification and Reiki 1 and 2 certifications. She holds a BS from Western Michigan University, and designed her course of study there with a focus on holistic mental health, trauma work, and recovery from addiction. Nicole is the director of Charym Yoga Studio in Litchfield, Connecticut, and the founder and CEO of Our Conscious Agency, a staffing solutions agency providing yoga classes and holistic health services to organizations whose missions are focused on well-being and connection.

Carly Harris, LMFT

Primary Therapist

Carly is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist with extensive experience in the hospital and healthcare industry as well as a private practice setting. She joined the Newport Healthcare team in 2020, and is highly skilled in assessing and treating a variety of presenting issues for young people and families using evidence-based therapeutic modalities. Carly holds a Master’s degree focused in Marriage and Family Therapy/Counseling from the University of San Diego School of Leadership and Education Sciences. She has been featured as an expert in the field in publications including Parade and Her Campus.