Utah Teen Mental Health Treatment Center Offers Families Proven Alternative

Utah Teen Mental Health Treatment Center Offers Families Proven Alternative

Teen mental health statistics are unsettling: half of parents say they have noticed a new or worsening mental health condition in their teen since the start of the pandemic, with 1 in 3 teen girls and 1 in 5 teen boys experiencing new or worsening anxiety since March 2020; over a third of teens self-report that their mental health has worsened throughout the pandemic; and nearly 1 in 5 students report having seriously considered suicide. Sadly, as a result, numerous states are dealing with overflowing pediatric emergency departments, long wait times for treatment or, most disturbingly, having to turn kids away from resources.

But there is hope to address this crisis.

Newport Healthcare, a national network of evidence-based healing centers for teens and young adults with primary mental health disorders, has opened a new, sprawling location in the Mountain West to help meet this nation’s escalating teen mental health needs. Newport’s Joint Commission accredited, trusted treatment model has served thousands of families over the past 12 years and stands apart from other programs for several reasons including:

  • A clinical model that addresses underlying trauma, issues, and emotions instead of solely focusing on the teen’s symptoms and prescribing a temporary “band-aid” approach.
  • Importantly, family involvement is mandatory not optional, and the family is engaged throughout treatment. The focus is on the family as the solution, and clinicians seek to heal both teen and parent early childhood attachment ruptures.
  • Clinicians who are trained and supervised in multiple evidence-based modalities including Attachment-Based Family Therapy (ABFT), EMDR, DBT, CBT, and ACT. Additionally, each teen has a dedicated treatment team comprised of skilled individual and family therapists and counselors.
  • philosophy based on authentic connections. Clinicians build secure attachments for teens to be vulnerable to explore their personal interests, discover passions, and gain meaning, purpose, and insight to replace high-risk behaviors versus just teaching the teens coping skills to manage their triggers.
  • A foundation of unconditional love throughout the healing process. Newport’s compassionate team helps teens learn to see themselves as beautiful, bright, and powerful people who can take control of their own lives and actions.
  • A full incorporation of academics into the treatment process with 3-4 hours of schooling every day, Monday through Friday. Newport offers students an accredited education model or coordinates with the teen’s local school district, placing learning at the forefront and not just as an afterthought.
  • A distinct emphasis on integrated wellness, promoting health from the inside out with proper nutritionmindfulness exercises, and the practice of yoga. These elements encourage gratitude, reflection, and awareness, and are tools teens can use throughout their lives.
  • An active, engaged alumni community that illustrates the long-term positive impact Newport has on young lives.
  • Perhaps most importantly, third-party verified successful outcomes via collaboration with Drexel University, an academically comprehensive and globally engaged urban research university. Newport’s mental health treatment programs distinctly promote long-term, sustainable healing for teens and families.

Newport’s newest location is in Oakley, Utah and serves families throughout the country. Insurance often covers a majority of the treatment costs at Newport, making it affordable and accessible for all.