Newport Institute Opens Residential Treatment Programs for Young Adults with Primary Mental Health Issues

Newport Institute Opens Residential Treatment Programs for Young Adults with Primary Mental Health Issues

Newport Institute, a series of mental health treatment programs for young adults ages 18-28, has announced the grand opening of residential treatment centers in the Greater Seattle Area, San Francisco Bay Area, and Greater Los Angeles Area, with locations coming soon near New York City and Washington DC. Newport Institute offers immersive, primary mental health services in gender-specific healing centers for young adults who struggle with trauma, anxiety, depression and suicidality, and who may have co-occurring substance use or eating disorders.

“This generation of young adults faces unique social challenges and pressures and, as a result, we’ve seen a rise in mental health issues like depression, anxiety, and trauma,” said Joe Procopio, CEO. “Sadly, young adults lack treatment options specific to their needs, with many turning to self-coping in the form of self-destructive behaviors. Newport Institute provides clinically sophisticated therapeutic services with a tailored treatment program for each client to help them achieve sustainable mental wellness and independence.”

The percentage of young adults experiencing mental health disorders in this country has risen significantly over the past decade, with increases in serious psychological distress, major depression, suicidal thoughts and attempts. In fact, 11 percent of young adults have had serious thoughts of suicide. Additionally, about 4.6 million young adults ages 18 to 25 experienced a major depressive episode during the past year in this country, but less than half received treatment. Suffering from mental health issues in one’s 20s may have significant implications for one’s ability to attain an education, establish a family, and participate in occupational life.

At Newport Institute, clients participate in individual, group, and family therapy, while also spending time in learning labs with academic and career assessments and counseling, college courses, and resume-building instruction. Life skills training covers financial independence, relapse prevention, and goal setting, while holistic offerings include art therapy, music therapy, yoga therapy, mindfulness, and more.

Newport Institute for young adults also has Partial Hospitalization and Intensive Outpatient Programs (PHP/IOP) in Connecticut and Maryland. The programs are actively accepting new clients and work with all major insurances. More information can be found here or by calling 877-929-9550.