Nation’s Leading Mental Health Treatment Provider for Teens Expands Services to Help Young Adults, Announces Creation of Newport Institute

Nation’s Leading Mental Health Treatment Provider for Teens Expands Services to Help Young Adults, Announces Creation of Newport Institute

The nation’s leading provider of mental health treatment for teens, Newport Academy, has announced new programming clinically tailored to meet the mental health needs of young adults. Newport Institute will offer primary mental health residential and outpatient treatment services for individuals aged 18–28 who may be struggling with co-occurring mood disorders, anxiety disorders, substance use disorders, and/or eating disorders.

“Newport Institute is founded on what has become the trusted Newport Academy approach—compassionate, clinically sophisticated, integrated treatment,” said Joe Procopio, Chief Executive Officer. “It has been our privilege to help teens and their families begin the journey of wellness and recovery over the past 10-plus years, and we are pleased to now offer our comprehensive, evidence-based mental health services to young adults.”

A new study on depression finds that Generation Z—young adults born in the mid-1990s and early 2000s—has experienced a dramatic rise in psychological distress and depressive symptoms. In fact, researchers found that increases in depression among Gen Z are more significant than in any other age group. One in five young adults has a mental illness and about 4 percent have a serious mental illness. In fact, young adults have the highest prevalence of mental health challenges for any age category, but only 38 percent receive mental health services.

Fortunately, clinical interventions like those offered at Newport Institute can minimize impairments and the risk of suicide associated with mental health problems, while supporting the transition to independence and adulthood.

“We set out a decade ago to build a comprehensive mental health treatment alternative, and it is incredibly rewarding to see our mission expand to help young adults achieve sustainable recovery,” said founder and Executive Chairman Jamison Monroe Jr.

Newport Institute’s clinical approach is insight based, trauma informed, and family focused, providing developmental and age-appropriate interventions. Individual and family therapy, specifically the five-task framework of Attachment-Based Family Therapy, address the underlying core issues and traumas that manifest in high-risk behaviors.

“Newport Institute’s goal is to heal young adults of past traumas and move them towards personal, educational, professional, and financial autonomy,” explains Procopio. “Our treatment focuses on the underlying mental health concerns that lead to maladaptive behavior and what is often referred to as a ‘failure to launch.’ Through compassion and understanding, our team builds trust and connection so that clients can actualize their potential and live happy, healthy, and fulfilling lives.”

Newport Institute plans to be operating in California and Washington before the end of the year. East Coast locations will follow.