Ethics: Foundations and Considerations with Telehealth

Ethics: Foundations and Considerations with Telehealth

Watch as Elizabeth Jorgensen, CADC, Director of Insight Counseling, and Kristin Wilson, MA, LPC, Vice President of Clinical Outreach join with behavioral health leaders from across the country in our behavioral health expert webinar series to discuss ethics, foundations and considerations with Telehealth.

Professionals Navigating Parents Through Change

This interactive webinar is designed for clinical professionals, Psychologists, Therapists, Counselors, and Social Workers working with families during a time of crisis. Elizabeth Jorgensen, our featured speaker, discusses 3 things:

  • The standards of ethical behavior that are common to the professional disciplines of Counselors, Clinical Social Workers, Marriage and Family Therapists and Paraprofessionals.
  • The logic behind ethical considerations and the process by which professionals determine the ethics of unusual circumstances.
  • The new ‘Frontier” of online care including HIPPA considerations and emerging issues.

About Our Featured Speaker

Liz Jorgensen has 30 year’s experience with adolescent and adult psychotherapy and counseling. She is a nationally recognized expert in counseling, particularly in engaging resistant teens and motivating them to change. She was the coordinator of Adolescent Substance Abuse Services at Danbury Hospital and created and ran a dual diagnosis partial hospital, intensive outpatient and outpatient services in her 18 years there. Since 2000 Liz has been the owner and director of Insight Counseling in Ridgefield, CT where she collaborates with seven dedicated colleagues to run a full spectrum of outpatient counseling programs, including intensive outpatient services for adolescents and young adults. Liz is also a consultant to Newport Academy, an adolescent treatment system with residential centers in CT and CA and outpatient centers in CA and CT.

Community of Behavioral Health Leaders

During uncertain times, our goal within our behavioral health leaders is to foster a nationwide community push for clinical excellence and the importance of staying present as behavioral healthcare resources are more important now than ever.