Hear from our alumni about their experiences at Newport.

We understand that this time can be challenging and confusing for you and your family. There are many factors that play into your decision to admit your child to treatment, and finding a safe, supportive treatment center is an important task.

To give you more insight into the experience, watch these videos from Newport alumni and their families who have been in your shoes. They have all attended one of our adolescent or young adult residential programs, and can speak directly to your concerns and questions as you consider your next steps. Each video features multiple alumni and families discussing different parts of their experience.

Once you’re ready to get started, or if you have more questions, reach out to your Admissions Coordinator or Clinical Outreach Specialist.

Family Commitment

Families share their experience with Newport Healthcare staff members and coping with having a child in treatment.

Families share the benefits of Newport’s family-focused approach, which keeps families involved throughout the healing journey.

Seize the Opportunity

Families discuss the timing of going to treatment, including coping with holidays while your teen or young adult is in care.

Learn about alumni families’ experience preparing for care.

Preparing for Newport

Learn what to expect during the pre-admissions process and while preparing for treatment.

Alumni families discuss how to navigate the waitlist and what to pack for treatment.

Positive Highlights

These five videos share the experiences of multiple Newport alumni and families.

Learn more about our industry-leading programs.

Teen Mental Health Program

Newport Academy opened its first residential treatment facility in 2008 and quickly became a national leader within the treatment industry. At Newport Academy, we bring teens from self-destruction to self-esteem by treating the underlying causes of high-risk behavior in our specialized mental health programs.

We treat teens ages 12–18 who are struggling with teenage depression, teen anxiety, eating disorders, trauma, and teenage substance abuse. Newport Academy is a different kind of teen rehab center. We create individualized, multidisciplinary treatment plans designed by treatment specialists who are the best in their respective fields. Through our clinical expertise and integrated care, our mental health services empower teens and restore families.

Team Building Huddle | Newport Healthcare

Young Adult Mental Health Program

In 2019, we expanded Newport’s renowned integrated care and mental health program to treat young adults struggling with the pressures of present day society and trauma and substance abuse disorders. Newport Institute’s programming helps bring a sense of purpose to young adulthood from self-destruction to self-esteem by treating the underlying causes of high-risk behavior.

We treat young adults ages 18–32 who are struggling with depression, anxiety, PTSD & trauma, other mood disorders, substance abuse and addiction. Applying the comprehensive continuum of care that has led to unparalleled outcomes for young people, we create individualized, multidisciplinary treatment plans designed by treatment specialists. Through our clinical expertise and holistic care, we empower minds and restore lives of young people today.

A Healing Center for Families

The Center for Families provides guidance, awareness, and education for families around mental health and substance abuse struggles, through parent and teen peer-support groups. Led by licensed clinicians, our groups offer families ways to build the foundation for successful recovery, by learning and practicing healthy coping skills and reestablishing trust and communication between themselves and their loved ones.

Our Levels of Care

Residential Treatment

Our residential behavioral health services are designed to help teens and young adults heal underlying trauma, build healthy coping skills, and develop self-esteem and self-acceptance. Our residential treatment provides compassionate, evidence-based care in a supportive healing environment.

Partial Hospitalization Program (PHP)

Our Partial Hospitalization Program offers an all-day, Monday-Friday, on-location treatment plan, including 4–5 hours of clinical sessions per day. Clients continues to live at home during treatment while receiving the support and structure they need to thrive.

Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP)

Our IOP programs treat teens and young adults on site or virtually, three to five afternoons a week for 3–4 hours per day. During the day, clients attend school and other daily activities; in the afternoons, they receive evidence-based clinical support.

Our experts look at mental health in a different way

The Newport Healthcare community includes more than 350 psychiatrists, psychologists, family therapists, eating disorder therapists, nurse practitioners, counselors, equine therapists, art therapists, music therapists, registered dietitians, nutritionists, teachers, private tutors and a growing roster of dedicated individuals to round out our mental health programs.