Adolescent Mental Health and Attachment

Adolescent Mental Health and Attachment

Watch as Newport Healthcare’s Michael Roeske, PsyD, discusses the apparent changes in American adolescent mental health, and how they arguably relate to socio-historical shifts. While the factors are divergent, all of them impact caretakers’ and adolescents’ biological imperative to seek connections to others and to achieve physical, emotional, and existential/spiritual well-being.

As a result, relational issues in adolescents seeking care—regardless of diagnosis and suspected etiology—are an accessible and increasingly useful aspect of treatment, one that is compatible with various levels of care and treatment modalities.

Professionals Navigating Parents Through Change

This interactive webinar is designed for clinical professionals, psychologists, therapists, counselors, and social workers. Dr. Roeske provides ways to recognize generationally specific barriers to health and address challenges in adolescent differential diagnosis, and explains how attachment theory can inform and guide clinical treatment.

Dr. Roeske has worked in the mental health treatment field for nearly 20 years, in roles including chief operating officer, chief executive officer, clinical director, and assessor of children, adolescents, and adults. A licensed clinical psychologist, he has worked in community mental health clinics, inpatient psychiatric hospitals, and residential and outpatient substance use disorder treatment programs. In addition, he has served as a national presenter, adjunct professor, and trainer of psychotherapy graduate students, and is a frequent speaker on opioid use disorders.

Community of Behavioral Health Leaders

During uncertain times, our goal within our behavioral health leaders is to foster a nationwide community push for clinical excellence and the importance of staying present, as behavioral healthcare resources are more important now than ever.