Introducing the USJT Trailblazer Series, Powered by Newport Healthcare

Introducing the USJT Trailblazer Series, Powered by Newport Healthcare

Practitioners in the fields of mental health, substance use disorder, and related disciplines have a new, trusted resource for professional development opportunities including certificate programs, interactive online workshops, and continuing education (CE) classes with the just-announced USJT Trailblazer Series, powered by Newport Healthcare.

For over 40 years, USJT (U.S. Journal Training) has specialized in delivering professional training for frontline health practitioners. Newport Healthcare, a national network of evidence-based healing centers for teens and young adults with primary mental health disorders, has collaborated with USJT since its inception in 2009, with education integral to its model for both clients and professionals.

“Newport is a leader in the field of mental health treatment and has become a reliable source of information and training for clinicians,” said Joseph Procopio, Chief Executive Officer of Newport Healthcare. “This is particularly critical at this challenging time when mental health care is so desperately needed. As rates of depression, anxiety, and suicide increase, so too does the demand for trauma-informed, leading-edge treatment. Behavioral healthcare professionals need resources, community, and connection in order to be the best they can be for their clients, and we’re pleased to provide these opportunities.”

Previous Newport Healthcare sponsored USJT national and international conferences and symposiums have explored a variety of topics including the link between trauma and addiction, understanding adolescent trauma through the lens of authentic connection, and integrating spirituality, mindfulness, and compassion into mental health and substance use disorder treatment. Presenters have included Newport experts and other accomplished clinicians and specialists in the health care field.

Like many other organizations, USJT was forced to pivot from in-person to virtual events in 2020 due to COVID-19, but the new digital format provided opportunity to expand their reach to behavioral healthcare professionals around the world. The USJT Trailblazer Series capitalizes on this success and adds to Newport’s other educational offerings of regional continuing education events, day conferences, Parent University webinars, and a robust library of online resources.

Registering for the USJT Trailblazer Series is easy; just visit for more information. Each certificate program runs up to eight successive weeks. To earn the program certificate and the digital credential, participants must register for and attend six out of the eight CE presentations. There is no cost for individual CE presentations. The first course starts April 23, 2021.

More information about Newport Healthcare’s numerous educational resources can be found here.