The Stress of Parenting During a Pandemic

The Stress of Parenting During a Pandemic

Liz Jorgensen, CADC, Director of Insight Counseling and Newport Healthcare’s Kristin Wilson, MA, LPC, Vice President of Clinical Outreach join with parents from across the country in our Parent University webinar series to discuss parenting during a pandemic and how to help manage your own emotions along with your child’s current stress brought on by Covid-19.

Parent University Webinar

Liz is a speaker and author who teaches for Harvard Medical School’s continuing education program and is a regular presenter at Newport Healthcare conferences and events. Drawing from her 32 years as an adolescent counselor and her real-life experience as the mother of four grown children, Liz has led hundreds of workshops helping parents navigate adolescent development, behavior, and emotions—including how to set loving and firm limits with teens in a way that makes them feel safe and seen.

In this interactive webinar, Liz Jorgensen, our featured speaker, discusses practical anxiety management mechanism for parents and ways to help their child not only survive, but grow from current stress.

Our Family-Centered Approach

At Newport Healthcare, the family is a primary focus of our treatment process as we recognize that sustainable healing for teens and young adults involves treating the entire family as a unit. We support families while working to restore a sense of unity, facilitating family counseling to introduce and build off of the coping and communication skills that are essential to creating and maintaining a healthy family unit. Through authentic connections with each other, their peers and families, sustainable healing is possible; fear is replaced with love and disconnection is worked into connection, and the power of connection has never been more vital than right now.

Thus, we are determined to provide constant support for parents, by coming together as a community, to offer resources, guidance and tools for parents navigating throughout this unprecedented time in all our lives.