Coaching Parents on How to Home School Their Kids While Navigating Stress

Coaching Parents on How to Home School Their Kids While Navigating Stress

Newport Academy’s Ryan Fedoroff, M.Ed., National Director of Education and Kristin Wilson, MA, LPC, Vice President of Clinical Outreach join with behavioral health leaders from across the country in our behavioral health expert webinar series to discuss how to home school kids while navigating stress during Covid19.

Professionals Navigating Parents Through Change

In this interactive webinar, Ryan Fedoroff, our featured speaker, discusses the key tools to arm professionals with practical ways to coach parents suddenly finding themselves home schooling their kids in this new reality. These important tools include: helping professionals manage students with attention and focus issues and school/assignment refusal, how to ensure schools are in compliance with your IEP during this time, more on broader topics of supporting and on helping students in school who are struggling to engage, with self- esteem, and attention.

Ryan Fedoroff brings a decade of academic leadership and classroom experience to her role at Newport Academy. As an educator, she is passionate about working with high-risk adolescents and is trained in restorative practices. Ryan works alongside clinicians to create education and intervention programs to assist students dealing with anxiety, depression, and other mental health issues. She also collaborates with special education teams to create protocols for managing classroom challenges for students dealing with auditory processing and executive functioning deficits.

Community of Behavioral Health Leaders

During uncertain times, our goal within our behavioral health leaders is to foster the ideals of clinical excellence nationwide and to emphasis the importance of staying present and self-care as behavioral healthcare resources are more important now than ever.