Providing Education and Inspiration for Our Larger Community

Providing Education and Inspiration for Our Larger Community

Newport Healthcare’s mission is to empower lives and restore families, and a central aspect of that mission is education—for our clients and families, our staff, and behavioral healthcare professionals throughout the country and beyond.

Within the treatment milieu, at both Newport Academy for teens and Newport Institute for young adults, our academic and life skills Learning Lab is not an afterthought but rather an integral part of the healing process. Our strengths-based approach cultivates young people’s talents and interests, and works in tandem with clinical and experiential therapeutic experiences to build resilience and a strong sense of self.

Another aspect of our educational mission is serving as a trusted source of information and training for clinicians, which is particularly critical at this challenging time when their skills and expertise are so desperately needed. As rates of depression, anxiety, and suicide increase, so too does the demand for trauma-informed, leading-edge treatment. Behavioral healthcare professionals need resources, community, and connection in order to be the best they can be for their clients. 

We’re dedicated to providing ongoing professional development opportunities through in-depth certificate programs, interactive online workshops, CE classes, and more. Our ultimate goal is to support mental health professionals in the essential work of guiding young people to a better future. 

The USJT Trailblazer Series, Powered by Newport Healthcare

For more than 40 years, U.S. Journal Training (USJT) has specialized in delivering professional training for frontline practitioners in the fields of mental health, substance abuse, education, and related fields. Since our partnership began in 2009, the collaboration between Newport Healthcare and USJT has focused on providing clinical professionals with new understanding and practices for helping teens and young adults find sustainable healing. 

Our national and international conferences and symposiums have explored a variety of topics, including the link between trauma and addiction; understanding adolescent trauma through the lens of authentic connection; and integrating spirituality, mindfulness and compassion into mental health and substance abuse treatment. Presenters include Newport experts and other leading voices in the mental healthcare field, looking at trauma, depression, anxiety, and addiction from innovative and illuminating perspectives.

The pivot from in-person to virtual events in 2020 allowed us to expand our reach and welcome more than 1,500 behavioral healthcare professionals from around the country and the world to our remote conferences throughout the past year. We have now expanded and enhanced this tremendously successful online model with the creation of the USJT Trailblazer Series, powered by Newport Healthcare. 

We are always evolving our model as we incorporate crucial clinical and experiential elements into Newport’s trauma-informed treatment programs. The Trailblazer Series give us a forum in which to share the discoveries we’ve made about what truly works for teens and young adults, and hear from other leading experts in the field.

—Jay Campbell, Chief Growth Officer, Newport Healthcare 

Certificate Programs for Professionals

The Trailblazer Series offers multiple certificate programs each year, focusing on areas of behavioral healthcare treatment that empower professionals to address the most pressing concerns of today. Each certificate program provides CE credits for psychologists, therapists, social workers, LMFTs, and other mental health counselors. Programming is delivered virtually through a series of webinars with Newport experts and other thought leaders in the fields of teen and young adult treatment and trauma-focused care. Digital credentials are available for each certificate program. 


Regional CE Conferences

In addition to our national and international events presented with USJT, Newport Healthcare offers ongoing education and connection through regional events with our clinical leadership. Presented online, these interactive workshops and trainings cover the most pressing topics in the industry, from adolescent attachment issues and trauma in school communities to the necessity of fostering cultural safety within therapeutic relationships.

Parent University Webinars

At Newport Healthcare, the family is a primary focus of our treatment process, as we recognize that sustainable healing for teens and young adults involves treating the entire family as a unit. Family therapy is a core component of our treatment model, allowing parents and children to practice the coping and communication skills that are essential to building a healthy family. As part of that effort—for both the families we serve directly and those in our larger communities—our Parent University webinars provide resources, guidance, and tools for parents navigating through these uncertain times.

Resources for Families

We’ve compiled robust libraries of online resources on the Newport AcademyNewport Institute, and Newport Healthcare websites, to inform, educate, and inspire our readers as they work toward greater happiness, health, and meaning in life. Our articles and webinars encompass a wide range of topics, including the latest research on teen and young adult mental health, tips for parents, Q&As with thought leaders in the treatment field, and much more.

Rethinking Teen Mental Health Day Conferences

In response to rising rates of teen depression, anxiety, and suicide, Newport Healthcare developed Rethinking Teen Mental Health, a pioneering day conference for clinical professionals, in 2017. Exploring creative, evidence-based solutions to the teen mental health crisis, the conference was held for four subsequent years in major cities around the country. 

Elements of this groundbreaking conference have been integrated into our new Trailblazer Series, offering fresh insights into treatment approaches for the trauma and attachment wounds that lie at the root of teen and young adult depression, anxiety, substance abuse, and other mental health and co-occurring disorders. Together, we can provide young people with compassionate care that addresses the unique needs of this demographic and the unprecedented circumstances in which they are coming of age.