Newport Continues to Lead Industry with Outstanding Third-Party Validated Healthcare Outcomes

For over 14 years, Newport Healthcare, through Newport Academy for teens and now including Newport Institute for young adults, has provided sustainable healing for young people and their families.

2021 Outcomes Report

Interested in our comprehensive 2021 Outcomes and Key Findings?

Learn more about how Newport’s integrated approach to healing is making a significant impact on teens, young adults, and families.

A Pioneer in the Behavioral Health Industry

Newport Healthcare is dedicated to utilizing integrated medicine and ensuring that science and evidence are the key factors in the care we provide across our facilities. To that end, we rigorously capture patient data upon entry to our programs, and utilize industry-accepted assessment tools to inform the treatment we provide for each individual patient.

While other programs may gather data, we hold ourselves to the highest standard of accountability by partnering with a third party to analyze and validate our findings. This allows us to continue stepping forward as a leader in the behavioral health industry, and ensures the most effective care for our patients.

To Be Patient First, We Must Be Outcomes Driven

Our commitment to providing evidence-based and empirically supported care goes hand in hand with our dedication to collecting, analyzing, and publicizing data on our outcomes. In 2021, we furthered our position as an industry leader in treatment, research, and program development, by expanding our partnership with Drexel’s Center for Family Intervention Science to establish Newport Healthcare’s Center for Research and Innovation.

As part of this mission, we continue to refine and enrich our outcomes research. Collected and analyzed using industry-standard scales in addition to proprietary Drexel and Newport measures, our 2021 data shows that young people who choose to heal with Newport experience significantly improved levels of depression, anxiety, and well-being, and go on to lead thriving, substance-free lives. Learn more about our data collection and process.

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Third-Party Key Findings

Over the course of 2021, 1,858 patients at multiple Newport Healthcare residential locations—both Newport Academy, which treats adolescents ages 12–18, and Newport Institute, which treats young adults ages 18–28—were surveyed.

Bar graph of depression outcomes that shows Average Score decreasing from 14.7 on day 1 to 8.4 on day 35.
Bar graph of anxiety outcomes that shows Average Score decreasing from 12.8 on day 1 to 7.7 on day 35.
Bar graph of well-being outcomes that shows Average Score increasing from 9.4 on day 1 to 13.5 on day 35.

Outcomes data is gathered and analyzed by Newport Healthcare’s Center for Research and Innovation, established in 2021 in partnership with Drexel University’s Center for Family Intervention Science. Results showed a statistically significant improvement throughout treatment, with depression and anxiety decreasing from acute to mild or minimal levels and overall well-being steadily increasing.

2 out of 3

patients with anxiety reported feeling cheerful and in good spirits on day 35 of treatment, vs. 1 in 4 on day one.

5x lower

By Week 5, the number of patients with suicidal plans was five times lower.


of mental health professionals would refer patients to us again.

As a leader in the field of teen and young adult treatment, Newport Healthcare is committed to outside evaluations of the quality and effectiveness of our programming. By consistently gathering data related to our outcomes, we’re able to make more strategic and tailored decisions for our patients and personalize their care.

Joe Procopio
CEO, Newport Healthcare

Representation of Current Clientele

Early Adolescence (Ages 12-14)

Middle Adolescence (Ages 15-17)

Young Adult (Ages 18-28)

The Most Effective Approach to Teen Treatment

When data and science are infused into teen treatment plans, clients’ well-being measures increase far beyond clinical significance, resulting in health, happiness, and life satisfaction. At Newport Academy, we are committed to providing the highest-quality care for our teens and their families. Our comprehensive treatment model integrates clinical and experiential modalities to address underlying attachment wounds through a whole-person approach to healing.

Young Adults Can Find Sustainable Healing with the Right Treatment Plan

Rates of anxiety and depression in young adults are at an all-time high. The Newport approach addresses each individual’s mental, emotional, spiritual, relational, and physical wellness, while providing the life skills and family connection needed for a thriving future. Our clinical model offers a personalized approach to mental health for young adults.