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In the face of multiple challenges impacting their resilience and well-being, teens and young adults need the highest-quality, most effective mental healthcare available. Newport Healthcare is answering that call with industry-leading treatment that’s transforming the lives of young people and families across the country.

The Answer to Today’s Mental Health Crisis

The foundation of our unparalleled care is our family-centered approach, which utilizes the groundbreaking Attachment-Based Family Therapy model and yields proven success, as evidenced by our outstanding third party–validated outcomes. Newport Healthcare offers a full continuum of care at locations nationwide, and partners with major insurers so all families can have access to excellent care that’s also affordable.

Newport Academy is the leading teen mental health treatment center, healing underlying mental health issues such as depression and anxiety that cause maladaptive behaviors such as substance use disorder, disordered eating, and other trauma-related behavioral concerns.

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Newport Institute is a series of healing behavioral healthcare services for young adults ages 18–32 who are struggling with various mental health issues: trauma, anxiety, depression, and co-occurring disorders, such as eating disorders, substance abuse, and self-harm.

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The Center for Families provides guidance, awareness, and education for families around mental health and substance abuse struggles in local communities. We lead families to healing through support groups, clinical therapy, and educational workshops.

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Collaborative, Integrated Treatment Teams

Newport Healthcare’s integrated, multidisciplinary model brings together a range of clinical and medical expertise that is unparalleled in the behavioral health industry. By combining their talents and areas of specialization—medical, psychiatric, clinical, experiential, and life skills/academic—our treatment teams create transformative care experiences with long-lasting impacts.

Newport’s treatment teams have the largest number of clinical specializations that I have seen in the industry, which is a huge advantage for both staff and clients.

— Karla Molinero, MD, Medical Director

Newport’s Clinical Model

We are dedicated to mental health care that provides lasting care for our clients. To that end, we work with a third party to rigorously collect and analyze client progress, informing our tailored treatment plans for all who come through our door.

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Accreditation, Licensing, & Affiliations

Our innovative approach to mental healthcare earns accolades from press around the world, but it is our dedication to our client success that has helped our Newport Academy and Newport Institute programs achieve accreditation from The Joint Commission, exceed licensing standards of care, and nurture affiliations with the following:

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